Earth Day Senior Citizen Activities Using Plastic Water Bottles

Earth Day will be observed April 22nd all over the planet as it has been since it was established on April 22, 1970 by U.S. Congressperson Gaylord Nelson. This year I’m arranging a couple of unique “Earth cordial” Earth Day projects for the Plant Treatment and Creating classes I educate to Seniors-despite the fact that we reuse and reuse family things in our projects all year.

A large portion of my understudies are still really parsimonious since they survived the Downturn and figured out how to manage with very little during that time. I’ve been recounted the way in which their Mothers would make their clothing out of flour sacks, home gardens that gave a large portion of their food during the conflict and how their Moms would investigate a conventional outfit in the store window and make a precise reproduction by hand when they didn’t have the cash for locally acquired garments.

As a feature of my water bottling equipment for sale classes I as of now reuse and reuse a ton of generally disposed of family things including plastic water bottles, paper squeeze and milk containers, gallon milk containers, 2 liter plastic jugs, paper and plastic egg containers, egg shells, paper towel tubes, earthy colored paper sacks and paper to give some examples.

This article will zero in on projects that reuse plastic drinking bottles. Plastic drinking bottles adversely affect our current circumstance and are turning into a more serious issue every day. The World Natural life Organization expresses that 1.5 million tons of plastic is utilized in packaging 89 billion liters of water every year. This cycle aids the depleting of the world’s non-renewable energy sources and makes lots of garbage that will require 70 to 450 years to debase in our landfills. So every container we keep out of the landfill helps people in the future. What’s more, we can all vibe great about that!

The following are a couple of the tomfoolery projects my classes have done in the previous year to reuse all or a piece of a plastic drinking bottle:

Game Board Markers-Drinking bottle covers can be utilized as game pieces for home made Bingo game markers. I made Butterfly Nursery Container Cap Bingo that pre-owned bottle covers as spot markers on the Bingo cards. The Bingo Cards were imprinted on 8.5 x 11 sheets and were covered utilizing rack liner vinyl-so they are reusable. Bottle covers were designed with fun bloom and bug stickers. Seniors love their Bingo so this was an extraordinary method for showing my understudies the names of the various plants that fill well in our space that will attract butterflies to their nursery.

Paper mache containers This action really reuses two normal things that go into the landfill consistently plastic jugs and paper. We covered the plastic drinking bottles with a few layers of pieces of paper plunged in fluid starch (you can likewise utilize watered down stick or a flour combination). Then, at that point, we painted the containers with acrylic paints and a layer of Modge Podge and enhanced them with yarn, globules, buttons, glass dots and different materials. The containers are waterproof so they can be utilized to show new, dried or silk blossoms.

Seedling or Cutting Starters-First cut the Plastic Container down the middle. Poke a couple of waste holes in the lower part of the base portion of the container then, at that point, load up with soil and plant cuttings or seeds to make economical smaller than usual nurseries. Utilize the top portion of the jugs as little plant cloches to safeguard minuscule seedlings you have sowed in seed beds.

“Grass Head Folks”- Cut plastic container down the middle. Utilize the base portion of the container as the base for your “Grass Head Fellow” project – later it will be loaded up with water so the grass will develop. This is a custom made rendition of a Chia Pet where you fill a knee high stocking foot (can likewise utilize reused pantyhose) with grass seed and soil and it sort of seems to be a little potato-head when it is designed. The Base portion of the container can be improved in loads of fun ways as the body of your “Grass Head Fellow”.

These exercises are perfect for Seniors who live in Helped Living or Memory Care Homes albeit a significant number of my Free Seniors likewise delighted in making the Paper Mache Jars and Seedling Starters. What’s more, a portion of the exercises would be extraordinary multi-generational ventures for kids and Seniors to do together.

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